SOAR's Tips for a Brighter Business Holiday

As folks plan to spend more on gifts and celebrations, your business has a wonderful opportunity to shine. Statistics say that customers are set to spend about 7% more as the holidays arrive. Isn’t that exciting? To help you make the most of this, SOAR has put together some super fun and effective strategies for the season. Below are SOAR’s holiday tips for marketing your business with…

Enhanced Customer Experience

Personalized Offers and Loyalty Programs With over 75% of consumers seeking deals due to rising prices, it’s the perfect time to personalize your offers. Treat your loyal customers to exclusive discounts and provide new shoppers with tailored gift guides. This approach not only makes each customer feel special but also aligns with the festive spirit of giving and appreciation.”

Authenticity and Diversity
Get real and inclusive in your holiday campaigns! Show off how wonderfully diverse your community is. Celebrate all the different ways we enjoy the season. It’s a great way to connect and show you care about everyone’s unique holiday vibe.

Gratitude to Shoppers
During the holidays, a little “thank you” can make a big impact. How about sending a sweet note or a festive email to your shoppers? This gesture of appreciation encourages deeper connection with your customers and might encourage repeat visits.

Strategic Personalization
Use what you know about your shoppers to make their holiday shopping super fun and less stressful. If you already have data on their demographic or purchasing behavior, even better. Use it to suggest the perfect gifts and offers. It’s like being their personal holiday elf!

Diversified Marketing Channels
Spread your holiday cheer everywhere! From sparkling Instagram posts to snow-covered in-store displays, make sure your festive messages are popping up all over the place. Being comprehensive keeps your brand top of mind throughout the holiday season, reaching customers wherever they are and putting them in the holiday spirit.

Holly-Jolly Socials

Social Media Integration
Now’s the time to get your brand’s holiday cheer buzzing on social media. Think about showcasing your festive products on Instagram and Facebook, and maybe even team up with some cool influencers to spread the word. It’s like having a holiday party online!

Strategic Hashtags for Festive Reach
Use fun holiday hashtags to get everyone talking about your brand. Campaigns surrounding holiday themes or promotions can grow your reach and engage users, making your brand a part of their holiday conversations.

Offer Exclusive Holiday Treats on Social Media
Surprise your followers with rewards for their loyalty – consider giveaways, exclusive discounts, or special gifts to celebrate the season. These are a great way to incentivize engagement and brand loyalty, AND make them feel like they’re getting a special gift just from you!

Community Involvement
This holiday, show the heart of your brand by getting involved in community activities. It’s the perfect time to start if you haven’t already. Share your efforts in giving back, whether it’s volunteering, charity drives, or local events. Letting your audience see your brand’s caring side – something customers value more than ever these days – deepens connections and embodies the true spirit of the season.

Website Optimization

Wonderland your Website
Despite concerns about inflation, nearly 80% of consumers plan to spend as much or more than last year. Now is the time to enhance your website for the holiday rush, by transforming it into a winter wonderland! Or at least, a festive showcase for your products. Deck it out with detailed descriptions, images, and videos to mimic the in-store experience, inviting customers to explore and engage with your holiday offerings.

Speed Up for the Winter Rush
The holiday shopping rush is coming! Make sure your website loads faster than a reindeer. Optimize those images, use caching, and keep things sleek. A speedy site makes for happy shoppers and better search rankings.

SEO: Your Holiday Beacon
Shine bright in search results with excellent SEO. Optimize your website and online content with holiday-related keywords and themes. This approach ensures that your brand appears prominently in search results when potential customers are looking for holiday gift ideas, enhancing your online visibility during this critical shopping season.

Holiday-Specific Landing Pages
Roll out the red carpet for your holiday specials with dedicated landing pages. These pages should be rich in festive themes, optimized with festive keywords, and feature clear calls to action. Make sure they’re super easy to navigate, especially on mobile! Speaking of…

Mobile-Friendly Holiday Shopping
More than 47% of US holiday online sales came from mobile in 2022, so make sure your website is fully optimized for mobile. A thumb-friendly shopping experience is key to capturing a modern audience.

Email Marketing with Holiday Cheer

Engaging Holiday Email CampaignsCapture the holiday mood in your email marketing! Craft email campaigns that are as joyful as a holiday jingle, using emotional and festive content to keep your audience engaged and informed about your seasonal specials.

Segmenting for the Nice List
Divide your email list into Santa’s lists! Have one for your VIPs, another for those looking for the perfect gift, and maybe even one for the big spenders. Send them something special that makes their holiday shopping easier and more fun. Omnisend suggests the following example segments:

  • VIP Customers: Reward your most loyal patrons, the stars of your loyalty program, with exceptional discounts.
  • Gift Givers: Identify those who primarily shop during the holidays and entice them with curated gift guides and direct purchase links.
  • Big Spenders: Recognize your frequent shoppers by showcasing big-ticket items at attractive prices.

Subject Lines That Sparkle
Make your emails twinkle with holiday-themed subject lines. Add a dash of personalization, a pinch of festive emojis 🎅🏽🎄❄, and maybe even a sprinkle of holiday puns. It’s like wrapping your message in the prettiest holiday paper! A/B testing can fine-tune your approach to learn what subjects resonate best with your audience.

Holiday Email Design
Dress up your emails in holiday style! Use colors and images that feel like a walk through a winter wonderland. Adding emojis is like putting ornaments on your email tree!

An Early Start for a Festive Countdown
Kick off your holiday email campaigns earlier than you might initially plan, to capture the attention of early-bird shoppers. Sending out a series of emails can build up the excitement, like counting down to the big holiday celebration.


Advertising Strategies for the Season

Festive Ads
Light up your advertising with the glow of the holiday season. Develop ads that are rich in festive themes and imagery, and maybe a touch of nostalgia! This approach not only attracts attention but also aligns your brand with the warmth and cheer of the holidays, enhancing its appeal to consumers.

Retargeting for Holiday Shoppers
Utilize retargeting strategies to re-engage visitors who showed interest but did not complete a purchase. Tailor your messages to address their concerns or offer festive incentives, effectively encouraging them to return and complete their holiday shopping with your brand.

Influencer Partnerships
Team up with influencers who can share your holiday spirit far and wide. It’s like having holiday ambassadors who introduce your brand to new friends in the most authentic way.

Emotional Connections in Holiday Advertising
Create content that resonates emotionally with your audience. Whether it’s your community efforts, your commitment to sustainability, or just your top-notch service, let your ads tell your holiday story.

Wrapping 🎁 Things Up…

Remember, this holiday season is your golden ticket to make your brand shine. With shoppers ready to splurge, now’s your chance to dazzle them with everything we’ve shared.

And hey, we at SOAR Media Agency are all in to help bring these ideas to life for you. Dreaming of a holiday campaign that’s nothing short of magical? Reach out to us! Let us be your elves as you deliver Holiday Cheer! 🌟🎄

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