The Show


A fusion of world-renowned circus acts and sophisticated sensuality is brought to life in a classic spiegeltent show. The audience indulges in a feast of non-stop, awe-inspiring performances, including aerial acts, hand-balancing, slack wire, juggling, and more, all with a touch of provocative cabaret for dessert. “Infamous” made its debut in Perth, Western Australia, in 2017. Its immediate success convinced Joseph Ashton of the Ashton family - one that has been raising circus performers for seven generations - to embark on a national tour of Australia.

Since then, the show has continued to tour, captivating both major cities and regional towns with sold-out performances, before giving the US a taste with a short tour.

The Services

As a partner of Infamous for the past 5 years in Australia, SOAR was retained to assist them in achieving success on their inaugural tour of the USA. We have managed all aspects of their communication and marketing strategies, spanning web, digital, social media, as well as traditional advertising on radio and billboards.

The Mission

Our mission was to educate and inspire US audiences to enjoy a night out with some cheeky Aussies, savoring the wonder and hilarity of Infamous the Show.

SOAR carefully curated advertising campaigns that translated Australian expressions into American English, enticing audiences in the thousands to attend each show.

To share the magic of this Australian outfit with the US Market and test the ability to maintain a show here for the longterm.

The Impact

The initial show in Florida saw guests returning multiple times, often bringing friends and family to witness what they couldn't believe they'd seen the night before. One particular guest returned 20 times, and others brought groups of 20 with them on their return visits.

We were able to create a finely-tuned social media and digital marketing advertising model, that generated a Return on Investment within the first shows ad campaigns. Our market insights and advice led to an increase in individual ticket prices, contributing to additional revenue for the show without negatively impacting the audience's enjoyment or perception of value. Consistent reviews documented attendees were blown away by the talent, extreme risks taken and the Aussie humor, sharing it was worth every penny and more.

The Outcome

SOAR created a gripping sizzle reel and pitch deck to bring the high-stakes, heartfelt journey of "The Circus of Oz" to prospective networks, encapsulating the adventurous spirit and tenacity of the legendary Ashton family.

This project had the aim of truly recognizing the cast as individuals, going beyond their roles in the circus show. It served as preparation for reaching larger and broader audiences, including TV streaming platforms. SOAR presented its pitch to five different studios and was recommended to proceed by developing a full season of footage.

This remains an ongoing project, that Infamous and SOAR alike are accepting interest and consideration from both touring event producers and television producers to partner with on both revenue models.

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