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Rick Hale, the owner of multiple Keller Williams Offices, is a distinguished figure in the real estate industry. Beyond his professional success, he has ventured into the realm of authorship and motivational speaking. His debut book, "Stop Settling," draws upon his extensive experience in the field, offering inspiration and insights to help others unlock their full potential.

The Services

In a partnership with Rick Hale, SOAR Media Agency focused on a multifaceted service suite to elevate his brand presence.

The Mission

SOAR Media embarked on a 3-month mission to transform Rick Hales' current logo and his existing 5,000 followers on a personal account into powerful assets for the long-term growth of his brand. Our strategic approach aimed not only to refresh the visual identity, but also to cultivate a thriving ecosystem that would resonate with both existing and prospective followers as Rick continued to produce more content.

The Outcome

SOAR effectively repositioned Rick Hale’s professional brand on social media platforms, resulting in a consistent increase in follower engagement and brand awareness. Key achievements included:
  • The initiation and establishment of Rick Hale’s professional Instagram profile, converting 87 followers organically within the first two months, reaching 8,679 impressions and securing 228 engagements through strategic ad placements and the use of reels.
  • Through organic methods we achieved Facebook growth to 55 likes and 80 followers, with substantial interaction rates including 280 reactions, 617 clicks, 5 comments, 2 private messages, and 4 shares, bolstered by targeted ads and compelling reels.
  • Implementation and management of 2 influencer marketing campaigns with significant follower bases (115,000 and 82,500 followers), enhancing brand credibility, reach and book sales commitments.
  • Collaboration with ‘Powerofbooksofficial’ for an Instagram book review, yielded 891 likes and 117 profile visits.
Partnership with “happiness.library” on Instagram, integrated Rick’s book into 6 social posts, averaging 10,000 views per reel and 550 likes per post.

The Impact

By the conclusion of our engagement in August 2023, Rick Hale's brand witnessed a promising trajectory of follower growth and engagement. SOAR laid a solid foundation for his online presence, fostering continuous and organic growth. This growth was not just in numbers, but in the quality of interactions and the burgeoning community around his brand.

While Rick is a mega-performer in his real estate career, his role as an author and business in book sales is still young, SOAR set Rick up for success to continue with our content strategy and plan to further his success in this field within his own management abilities and budget.

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