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SevSells is changing how we think about buying and selling homes by mixing new tech with old-school values. With a focus on data, they've addressed significant industry challenges, namely Technology, Education, Transparent Incentives, and Service. As technology booms, SevSells is determined to strike a balance. While they use the latest digital tools, they haven't forgotten that real business is about real people. With changing demographics and an evolving market, SevSells stands out by continuously updating their knowledge. They don't just play the numbers game; they care about making sure every deal and every customer gets the special treatment they deserve.

The Services

Sevin Murdock considered 16 different agencies before deciding on us. Our standout qualities - swift responses, clear and open communication, and our proven capability to fulfill her detailed requirements - earned us her choice.


We shaped the Sev Sells brand with precision, establishing a logomark, wordmark, color scheme, and typeface that exude sophistication while reflecting her business's core principles, all rooted in Sevin’s vision for an eco-conscious identity.

Email Marketing

Our targeted email newsletters centered around community engagement. They achieved remarkable open and read rates, outperforming industry standards and maintaining an upward trajectory.

Social Media

Launching SevSells on social media, our strategy swiftly garnered over 1000 followers in just three months. Our creation of a distinctive brand aesthetic resonated, boosting engagement and generating superior leads.


The transformation of SevSells’ website by SOAR Media was comprehensive. Over 6 weeks, our team crafted engaging content across more than 25 pages, enhancing everything from meta tags to full-page narratives.

The Mission

Taking inspiration from her Colorado heritage, Sevin's goal was a brand identity that flawlessly merged modern sensibilities with deep-rooted authenticity. Her brief emphasized creating an elevated, professional brand for a real estate agent that would encompass and translate across the four pillars of her business.

The Outcome

The revamped brand image elevated Sevin's perception from a local realtor but also positioned her as a leading team figure, echoing professionalism and attracting other professionals.

The Impact

Sevin's brand transformation opened doors to a premium clientele demographic, leading to listings within superior price brackets.

The Proof is in the Numbers


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