Ready to soar above the competition? Let SOAR Media be your partner in success. We are a full-service marketing agency dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes develop and execute successful marketing strategies. Our agency was founded by a team of experienced professionals who have a passion for creative storytelling and a desire to make a difference in the lives of our clients.

Our Story

The story of SOAR Media starts with our Aussie founder, Olivia Malifa. Olivia has been in the marketing industry since 2003, working in all capacities and from all angles. She has worked behind the scenes of media, including national radio stations in Australia. After serving as a marketing manager in both corporate and private businesses for more than 10 years, she opened her own successful consultancy firm and finally landed in agency land. After running her own successful consultancy firm, she eventually found her way into agency work. It was through this model that she discovered her true passion for combining creativity and strategy to serve a diverse range of clients across multiple industries.

Olivia made the brave move to come to the US in 2018 where she now lives with her husband and little Texan son. Since 2018, she has grown the client base and agency team from one to many. As SOAR continues to grow, we are always focused on building our strengths to better serve our clients.

Like America itself, our team is diverse and sets us apart in more ways than one. We are women-owned, and the majority of our team are immigrants, starting, of course, with our founder. This allows us to offer unique perspectives and insights to every project. You’ll certainly find a bit of Aussie wit in all our interactions!

Our Purpose

Every business has a story to tell- one who’s telling is vital to bringing in the clients you want- but not all have the creative manpower to tell it. That’s where we come in. We work closely with our clients to determine their goals and creative identity, then develop and implement strategies that are tailored to their needs.

We pride ourselves on our communication and reachability, and we take care to ensure that our clients are always informed and satisfied with our work. Our approach is completely transparent; we tell what we’re gonna do and then we do it. SOAR loves collaborating with our clients to create the best possible product. We know that no one knows your story better than YOU. That’s why you’ll never hear an outright “no,” from us, rather a “yes, and.”

When you work with SOAR for your marketing needs, you get a whole team of experienced creatives with varied and specialized skill sets. Our team’s combined talents make us a value option, not a discount option, and we are always working to exceed our clients’ expectations.

Don’t settle for less when it comes to your marketing. Contact us today to learn more about how SOAR Media can help you take your business to new heights.

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