At SOAR Media, we believe in using our talents to make a positive impact on the community. With our wealth of experience and expertise in event management, we were honored to once again play a significant role in the Inaugural Gala Dinner and 17th Annual Rides to Remember festival, a remarkable event hosted by Ferrari of Atlanta. Despite some rainy moments, the festival and Gala were resounding successes. Our dedicated team was there every step of the way, contributing to the event’s triumph.

From Concept to Closing:

Our involvement in both events was all-encompassing, from helping plan, securing sponsorships, and managing all marketing channels, to assembling goodie bags, staffing there on the big day, and creating after-action plans. Our commitment extended across every facet of the event, ensuring its seamless execution and remarkable success.

We contributed significantly to various aspects, showcasing the diverse skill set of SOAR’s talented team:

1. Website Development: Our comprehensive approach began with a thorough audit of the existing site, followed by the meticulous design of visuals to create a captivating and user-friendly interface. We then translated these designs into a functional and engaging online platform, ensuring festival-goers had all the information they needed. Our commitment extended to site maintenance and registration management, simplifying the attendee experience, continuing to update the site as developments occurred.

2.  Brand Development and Graphic Design: Our creative team developed the new Rides to Remember festival and gala brand playbooks (each with their own distinct styles). They then designed everything from signs and nametags to voting cards, the event website, and social media tiles.

3. Sponsor Outreach and Fulfillment: We worked to secure the support of local businesses, researching and reaching out through text and email campaigns and physical mailers. Over 100 businesses joined us on this journey, becoming monetary sponsors or generous donors to the Gala auction or Car Show prizes. We then worked to ensure fulfillment of each sponsor’s packages. 

4. Email Marketing: Our strategic email marketing campaigns – which SOAR’s team wrote, designed, and sent out – ensured that important festival updates reached attendees promptly. We kept families, volunteers, and drivers consistently in the know.

5. Social Media Management: Across Facebook and Instagram, we ignited a digital buzz that resonated within the community, fueling anticipation. SOAR was the driving force behind social calendars, creative design, captivating captions, post scheduling, and community management for these accounts. 

6. Influencer Marketing: We also recruited and collaborated with influencers that helped to grow the awareness of the event. We brought Andy De La Vega (Instagram’s @mcqueen_atlanta) on board, allowing guests to take pictures with the beloved’s children’s character Lightning McQueen and adding joy to the event. See some of the photos taken on Rides to Remember’s website!

7. Event Entertainment: We also ensured the event’s entertainment factor by setting the stage with lively DJ services and enriching the experience with activities like face painting, bouncy houses, magician and balloon animals, and a wildly popular video game truck for the attending children. Each element was thoughtfully tailored to elevate the overall festival experience.

8. Event Management: Our comprehensive event management included orchestrating various elements, such as diverse food truck options and tasteful furnishings, along with adorning the venue with meticulously arranged floral bouquets. Additionally, we enlisted a skilled drone photo/videographer to capture stunning aerial views.

$110,000+ Raised Providing a Day of Joy with $110,000 Going to Local Charities:

Together with Ferrari of Atlanta, we helped bring a day of pure joy to hundreds of attendees facing pediatric cancer. The event was not only about showing off cool cars (though let’s admit, it was a little about that…) but also about sharing smiles and forging connections.

Most importantly, Rides to Remember raised over $110,000 for charity, benefiting three incredible organizations: CURE Childhood Cancer, Atlanta Ronald McDonald House, and Camp Sunshine. These funds will go a long way in supporting families facing pediatric cancer during their challenging journeys.

Looking Ahead:

As we reflect on the success of this year’s festival and Gala, we look forward to the future with renewed determination. Our goal is to set our sights even higher, making each subsequent Rides to Remember event more impactful and unforgettable. SOAR Media Agency is proud to have been part of the Rides to Remember family for a third year in a row, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to Ferrari of Atlanta and all the sponsors, volunteers, and attendees who made this event a triumph of compassion, unity, and generosity.

If you’re planning an event and need expert event management services, contact SOAR Media Agency today. As you can see above, we’re equipped for any step of the equation you need assistance with – or the whole dang thing! Together, we can create memorable experiences that bring our communities together.

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