Can you believe it’s been two weeks since the Super Bowl? Oh, how time flies. The SOAR team didn’t get a chance to share our favorites at the time (too busy hyping up our own sports team of choice!). Fortunately, being late to the party also means that now we have access to insights on how these ads actually performed, rather than just our personal opinions on them. Now, with the advantage of hindsight and armed with fresh insights on ad performances, we’re ready to take a look at the numbers! …Though first, we still want to share our favs with you. 😉

The SOAR Team’s Favorite Super Bowl Ads

Olivia’s favorite wasn’t a video ad, but rather Ryan Reynold’s post- Super Bowl Instagram story. He didn’t have to pay a cent, but generated massive buzz for his personal brand and upcoming film. Cost-effective and clever!

Anton loved State Farm’s “Like a Good Neighbaaa” for its humor and the memorable DeVito switcheroo. Olivia also shares that as an Aussie in America, she can relate to ol’ Arnie here!

Kate, Moriah, and Andrew unanimously voted for Dunkin’s “The DunKings,” proving that star power done right is truly unbeatable. (Copywriter’s note: even I had to concede this win, though as a staunch opponent of singing in ads, doing so took strength. You really can’t go wrong with Matt Damon).

Delfina (your copywriter)’s personal favorite was BMW USA’s “Talkin Like Walken.” I applaud the clever use of not just a celebrity, but an archetype we all know well (that acquaintance who’s convinced they can do a good Walken).

But with our own subjective opinions out of the way, what does the rest of the data have to say on the matter?

Diving into the Data: Audience Favorites

It’s no secret by now that the Super Bowl is as much a showcase for cutting-edge advertising as it is a sporting event. This marketing on its own is brilliant, really – even those of us who don’t care for sports have something to tune in for. Looking back on this year’s commercials, the USA TODAY Ad Meter is an invaluable resource to see which ads resonated most with viewers on an enjoyment level, spotlighting a mix of humor, star power, and emotional storytelling as key elements of success this time around.


    • State Farm’s “Like a Good Neighbaaa” clinched the top spot, proving our COO’s taste and underscoring the strength of celebrity appeal and a good comedic twist.

    • Dunkin’s “The DunKings” was next, underscoring the strength of… well, celebrity appeal and a good comedic twist. Plus a fun gimmick, hometown pride, trendy tie-in merchandise and expertly crafted BTS social media content. Dunkin’ really went for the gold this year, and as the unofficial fuel supply of the SOAR office, we couldn’t be prouder!

    • Kia’s “Perfect 10” touched hearts with its story of ambition and family connection. This illustrates that, despite the abundance of comedy this year, there is still a large viewer demand for stories with a strong emotional core.

    • Uber Eats’ “Worth Remembering” stood out with its humorous take on the brand’s diverse offerings. Here, creativity, celebrity appeal, nostalgia (noticing some trends?) and a light-hearted approach to product showcasing made this ad memorable in a highly crowded space.

    • NFL’s “Born to Play” rounded out the top 5 with its inspiring narrative, emphasizing the universal appeal of sports and the power of dreams. Its placement during the Super Bowl was of course especially perfect, and its inclusive message during a turbulent era may have also contributed to its effectiveness.

These top-rated ads reveal current audience preferences for content that entertains, inspires, and connects emotionally – especially if it can leverage a well-known personality to enhance its message. This blend suggests a formula for engaging today’s viewers: comedic creativity, emotional resonance, and strategic celebrity integration will ensure your brand message is both seen and felt.

As marketers look to capture hearts and minds in a competitive landscape, these insights aid in creating campaigns that resonate with audiences long after the final whistle. That power is not to be dismissed – consumer perception is eternally important in the long game of keeping your company relevant, trusted, and successful.

That said, audience enjoyment is not the only metric for an ad’s success. Let’s shift now to another element to consider when doing your market research – engagement.

Diving into the Data: Engagement Rates

While everyone has their personal favorite ads, looking at engagement metrics gives us a deeper understanding of which ads really struck a chord with the audience. This year,‘s rankings, based on up-to-the-minute engagement data, show us that the most impactful ads did more than just grab viewers’ attention – they actually influenced consumer actions in ways that could predict sales in the future.

This year, the ads that fostered the most consumer engagement right after airing were the following, in order – notice the slight differences between them and the audience favorites? (Note: We excluded movie trailers and PSAs from this list because otherwise it would be nothing but them, and we don’t make movies, we just love ‘em).


    • #3 – Volkswagen struck a nostalgic chord with its homage to the Beetle and introduction of the ID. Buzz, merging past and future in a touching narrative that sparked viewer interest and engagement.

    • #4 – Poppi took strong advantage of the health-conscious and alcohol-free buzz with its healthful, low-sugar drink ad. The spot successfully engaged consumers curious about healthier pop options, proving the appeal of positive, innovative, and on-topic messaging.

    • 5 – Temu proved critics wrong by capturing attention with its catchy “shop like a billionaire” campaign, illustrating the power of memorable, repetitive messaging in driving consumer engagement and interest.

    • 12 – Dunkin’ placed here as well, demonstrating that that star power isn’t all sparkle – it can get viewers clicking too!

    • 15 – Starry got in on the chic soda market and introduced itself with a cute spot featuring Ice Spice. This caught viewers’ eye with more celebrity charm and a fresh take on product presentation.

Diving into the engagement data shows us which Super Bowl ads truly resonated with viewers, not just by catching their eye but by encouraging actions that hint at future sales. Surprisingly, the most engaging ads weren’t always the audience’s top picks. This look into consumer response highlights the importance of crafting ads that not only entertain but persuade.

For more discussion and insights on top-engagement Super Bowl ads, see our other Super Bowl blog!

Diving into the Data: Buzz and Social Media Discussion

Switching gears, let’s look at which Super Bowl ads had the digital world abuzz. With Meltwater and Brandwatch lending us their ears to the ground, we can see which brands and celebrities generated the most discussion online.

Verizon took the spotlight with its show-stopping ad featuring Beyoncé, teasing her album drop and racking up over 61.9K mentions on February 11th alone. Temu followed, with its animated commercial making waves and generating 46.7K mentions. Despite its high visibility, the reception was mixed, with a notable share of negative feedback focusing on ad repetition and questions about the company’s operations.

Mountain Dew, with its ad starring Aubrey Plaza, captured the fourth-highest number of mentions as well as enjoying the most positive sentiment among the brands analyzed. This standout positivity underscores the ad’s unique appeal and the effective use of humor, celebrity, and – of course – nostalgia to resonate with viewers.

Nike showed off its knack for strategic branding, achieving significant reach. One of the most engaging images from the Super Bowl featured Travis Kelce’s victory moment with Taylor Swift, where the Nike logo was prominently displayed, aligning it inseparably with the memorable moment.

As brands vie for attention in the crowded Super Bowl arena, those that craft memorable narratives and tap into the cultural zeitgeist clearly lead the pack in generating buzz, both positive and negative.

SOAR’s Final Thoughts

John Wanamaker’s famous quip, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don’t know which half,” perfectly captures the enduring challenge of pinpointing effective marketing strategies. The visible clashes between audience perception, engagement, and discussion of this year’s Super Bowl ads highlight the ongoing evolution of this puzzle.

At SOAR, this exercise has reaffirmed our commitment to blending art with science in advertising. It’s clear that making a lasting impression requires more than just catchy content; it demands a strategic, data-informed approach that resonates deeply with consumers.

As we forge ahead, we’re inspired by the innovative and heartfelt storytelling showcased during the Super Bowl, and SOAR Media is ready to partner with YOU! We’ll help you navigate the complexities of modern marketing, ensuring your message not only reaches your audience but truly connects with them.

Looking to transform your advertising approach? Contact SOAR for expert guidance. After all, in today’s dynamic playfield, settling for anything less than extraordinary is not an option. Let’s make your brand the next big thing to talk about – until the next Super Bowl rolls around, that is.

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